An exploration of liberation and freedom (and much more besides) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jersey’s liberation from occupying forces. With only 36 hours, over four days, to create their pieces, local artists have again been given the challenge of producing their work straight onto the Berni Gallery walls, using the above as a stimulus. Each artist will have just 36 hours, in situ, to create and complete the work.

This exhibition follows in the footsteps of the previously successful ‘5×4’ in 2006, ‘Self Portrait’ in 2011, ‘Conflict’ in 2014, ‘Sporting Bodies’ in 2015, ‘woman/man’ in 2016, ‘Art 35’ for Jersey Arts Centre’s 35th anniversary celebrations in 2018, and ‘the dance’ in 2019. After the exhibition has finished on Tuesday 17 March, the gallery walls will be repainted, covering up the work forever. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique exhibition – it won’t be there for long!

Image: ‘Conflict’ by Chantal Venton, 2014