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Claude Cahun: Reflections

Music in Action / Liberation International Music Festival
  • 17 May 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Reflections showcases music of Claude Cahun’s time alongside words about the early years with violinist Harriet Mackenzie, cellist Urksa Horvat and pianist Anna Tilbrook. Blending the story of the life of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore before the occupation with a musical soundscape by Boulanger, Gershwin and Joplin, the evening evokes the spirit of the time and the inner world of Claude Cahun.

Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore holidayed in Jersey before moving to their “happy island”, Jersey, to slow down from their cosmopolitan Parisian life. Having holidayed here as teenagers, both were fond of the Island.

Claude and Marcel were at the heart of the radical thinkers and creatives of their time whilst in Paris. They hosted the likes of Salvador Dali, James Joyce, Nathalie Barney and Jacques Lacan. Reflections explores this early period of Claude and Marcel written and narrated by Flora MacAngus. With such influences, it was only a matter of time before Claude and Marcel embarked on their resistance movement. Not only did the pair distribute anti-occupation propaganda, but they also harboured contraband and traded rationed goods.

The evening includes an immersive extract of the theatre piece that Music in Action wishes to perform in 2025 focusing on the war years.

Please note: there will be a 20 minute Q and A led by Jersey actress Flora MacAngus from 6.30pm – 6.50pm. This will be available to ticket holders only.

(£19 seniors / £5 students / £18.50 Music in Action Members