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All Light, Everywhere

13th Parish Festival of Independent Film and Music
  • 13 May 5.30pm
1 hr 45 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Theo Anthony / USA / 2021 / 109 mins

“All Light, Everywhere questions and reimagines the very idea of the ‘objective lens’, positioning the camera as a weapon for both the oppressors and the oppressed. ” – Institute of Contemporary Art

“Watching is not a passive activity in ‘All Light, Everywhere’, the exceptional second feature from nonfiction filmmaker Theo Anthony. Scrutinising the very process of seeing – how we observe and interpret the world around us – this engrossing and troubling essay questions the idea that what we take in through our eyes is, any practical sense, the truth of our surroundings, and the director has compiled a dizzying amount of evidence to back up this argument. ‘All Light’ illuminates the blind spots in everything – whether it’s law enforcement, the military or even documentaries – to expose the biases and secret agendas informing our hopelessly limited perspective. As ‘All Light, Everywhere’ builds in cumulative power, the viewer begins to question how little we really understand about all the data that comes to us through sight – how often we erroneously assume that, because we observe something, we think we can make sense of it. Few films are so eye-opening.” – Screen Daily

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£6 (students and seniors)