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Seven Shorts

13th Parish Festival / playdays Children's Festival
  • 15 July 4pm
40 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

13th Parish Festival and Jersey Arts Centre present seven short films without dialogue for all the family from across Europe!


Switzerland 2021 | 6 mins | Director: Oana Lacroix

A featherless nightingale sings in the forest. Its song lulls the little bear to sleep, soothes the squirrel’s quarrels and entertains the pair of swans swimming on the pond. One day a storm breaks out in the forest. The nightingale has no coat of feathers, so it catches a cold and can no longer sing.


Germany 2021 | 3 mins | Directors: Kilian Armando Friedrich, Ann-Kathrin Jahn, Jonas Kleinalstede, Katharina Schnekenbuhl, Paula Tschira

Edgy lives in a world of blue blocks, but somehow he doesn’t seem to fit in…


Germany 2017 | 2 mins 30 seconds | Directors: Max Mortl and Robert Lobel

Be whisked away to a small isle populated by a menagerie of exotic creatures in this delightfully whimsical short.

Kiki The Feather (Kiki la plume)

France 2020 | 5 mins | Directors: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville

Kiki the canary has never known anything but his little cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of freedom and flying around with the birds outside. When the cage door is left ajar one day, he escapes and discovers the great outdoors, where you have to know how to fly…


Switzerland 2018 | 7 mins 38 seconds | Director: Nils Hedinger

A tadpole somehow misses out on becoming a frog and is left behind alone. But there is much to discover in the pond and spring is sure to come again next year! A little story about growing up.


Germany 2015 | 8 mins | Director: Antje Heyn

Pawo (Tibetan for being brave) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills. Pawo is also about the courage to face life without fear and full of trust.


Netherlands 2016 | 3 mins | Director: Marlies van der Wel

Sabaku and his buffalo buddy don’t need big words to understand one another. Alas, when his good-natured companion keels over in the savannah sun one day, Sabaku must find a new friend – after all, who wants to travel through this world all alone?

All films suitable for 4 years +