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Blackadder Goes Forth

JADC / by Richard Curtis & Ben Elton
  • 7 October - 12 October 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Written for the stage by Paul Carpenter & Ian Gower

The fourth chapter in the chronicles of the Blackadder dynasty brings us into the 20th century and a dark period of history.

It’s 1917 and Blackadder is now a Captain in the British Army at the Front, commanding gallant-but-dumb Lieutenant George St. Barleigh and the even dumber Private Baldrick. Waiting in fear of the dreaded order to go ‘over the top’ from the patently insane General Melchett, Blackadder devises serial attempts to escape the trenches, always with the offer of one of Baldrick’s cunning plans. Blackadder Goes Forth cemented the series’ status as an all-time great, not least by the highly poignant final episode.

(£15 seniors and students)