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One of Those Streets

Mezzanine Productions / Festival 40 Weekend
  • 20 January 7pm
Jersey Arts Centre

One of Those Streets is a performance project exploring and excavating the multiple lives of a single building: a house, a home. Delving into the past and imagining futures, this is a story told through the very fabric of the building itself and the experiences of the people who have once lived there and who may yet make it their home.

Told through historical accounts and half-truths, memories and white lies, this story investigates the realities and myths of inter-generational living, familial and community connection and social isolation.

In a whirligig of film and visuals, movement and soundscapes, puppetry, installation and storytelling, a static address transforms into something dynamic and elusive: something alive.

Commissioned by Jersey Arts Centre to open its Festival 40 Weekend.

Sponsored by the Association of Jersey Charities with a 50@50 award.


(£9 students)
(£7.65 students)