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My Friend Jung

Wayne Stewart / playdays Children's Festival
  • 23 July - 24 July
  • 23 July: 4pm
  • 24 July: 6pm
60 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

A fantastical quest of symbols and self.

Join Wayne on a mesmerising 60 minute journey into the depths of imagination, guided by the wisdom of philosopher Carl Jung. This enchanting theatrical experience invites audiences to explore the transformative power of dreams and symbols. Through Wayne’s quest for self-discovery within the dreamscapes, the show delves into themes of imagination, archetypes, and the mystical realms of the unconscious mind. Join us for a captivating exploration of the fantastical realms within us, where dreams come alive and magic awaits!

The only real adventure remaining for each individual is the exploration of his own unconscious

Suitable for 8 years +