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Box of Delights 1

13th Parish Festival
  • 20 May 11.30am
43 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Animation shorts for 4 – 7 year-olds

43 mins / Cert: U

Eight award-winning short films from the British Animation Awards, specially selected for 4 – 7 year-olds. A more cheerful collection of stories from around Europe you will not find – full of music, colour and character (no dialogue).


A Sunny Day 

Gil Alkabetz / Germany / 2007 / 6 mins

From rising to setting, the sun is always cheerful except when everyone hides in the shade. How ungrateful!



Siri Melchior / Denmark / 2010 / 5 mins

How can one tiny bird find its voice amid the sounds and rhythms of the busy town?


Founding or Not Founding

Youlia Rainous / France / 2008 / 5 mins

Chop! Cut! Slice! Grate! A kaleidoscope of crazy fruit and veg to have you dancing in your seat; in French, the words ‘fou’ and ‘dingue’ mean crazy!


The Little Red Plane

Charlotte Blacker / UK / 2010 / 4 mins

In a world crafted of wool, the postboy and his cat fly through the clouds and stars to deliver their parcels.


Dodu the Cardboard Boy: The Balloon Moon

Jose Miguel Ribeiro / Portugal / 2010 / 5 mins

With one little rip of his cardboard box, Dodu’s imagination lets in the sea and sweeps him away to adventure.


Trim Time

Gil Alkabetz / Germany / 2002 2’30 mins

In spring and summer, the tree’s leaves keep the barber busy. What will they do in autumn and winter?


Calamity Island

David Johnson / UK / 2011 / 9 mins

Our heroes are shipwrecked on an island with just a penguin for company!



Verena Fels / Germany / 2010 / 6’30 mins

Across a crowded animal mobile, a lonely cow notices a smiley mouse.