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An Evening with Bunker Hill

The Robert Tilling Series
  • 6 October 8pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Enjoy a showcase of music written and performed by a number of original members of one of Jersey’s longstanding bands together with some special guests. Bunker Hill were formed in 1971 and were a staple feature of the local live music scene in the 70s and beyond, playing in venues such as La Belle Etoile, Bal Tabarin and The Plaza of West’s Centre. Compère: Chris Stone

This fundraising concert is supporting the work of Jersey Arts Centre and The Robert Tilling Concert Series.

Band Members:

Amy Moore – vocals and percussion

Matt McManus – vocals and lead guitar

Ant Noel – vocals, guitar, keyboard, harmonica

Dave Medder – bass guitar

Les Falle – drums

Terri O’Donoghue – violin and piano

Vanessa Moore – violin


(£9 students)
(£7.65 students)