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The Twits

Junior Drama / playdays Children's Festival / Directed by Jordi Sunier + Victoria Hermitage
  • 11 July - 12 July 6pm
Jersey Arts Centre

By Roald Dahl adapted for the stage by David Wood

Gross, ghastly and grotesque!

Mr and Mrs Twit are not very nice. In fact, they’re extremely nasty. They’re nasty to each other, and they’re vile to everyone else. The Twits tells the story of a dreadful couple who hold a family of monkeys hostage and force them to stand on their heads – all the time…(we told you they weren’t very nice!)

Can the monkeys find a way to show those vicious Twits what for? Come and join us, as Junior Drama bring this wild bunch of characters to life!

Suitable for 6 years +

This amateur production of The Twits is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd