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Talking to an Angel

Angel Anne
  • 13 May 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Anne Smith is known as Scotland’s ‘Angel of the North’ and is a third generation medium. Author of So You Want to be a Mediumand Footsteps to Enlightenment (healing oracle cards). A natural medium, she goes direct to the recipient with exact information on the relationship and character of the personality she is communicating with in the spirit world. Her shows are touching, uplifting and funny, as her natural humour always come through in the communication. Quoted by Guernsey Press as a “rare no nonsense medium who gives fact after fact” and “spookily accurate, confirming family names and revealing a family member’s missing fingertip” (Jersey Evening Post), Angel Anne has been featured in the national press, magazines and radio for over a decade.


(£20 seniors and students)