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In Conversation with Steve Carter

13th Parish Festival
  • 19 May 1pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Brought up in Jersey, Steve studied at art college before finding work in the international film industry, at first by fitting neon signs and lights on film sets as well as television shows and theatre productions such as Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Chess and many more. His first film work was on the legendary music video for Take on Me by AHa in the mid-eighties. His first feature film was Julien Temple’s Absolute Beginners in 1985.

Over the following 35 years, Steve worked as an art director on a wide range of films, from low-budget British movies like Layer Cake, to big-budget movies like Wonder Woman and Mary Poppins Returns. He has worked with directors such as Paul Greengrass, Joe Wright, Taylor Hackford, Matthew Vaughan, Lasse Halstrom, Martin Scorsese, Christopher McQuarrie and Rob Marshall. His filmography can be found on IMDB under Steve Carter II.

This is an ideal event for anyone interested in film, whether as a dedicated film-goer, or an aspiring student director. Steve will enlighten us about the work of the art department; usually the largest department of any film. With a responsibility for everything you see on screen except the actors, it is also one of the first departments to start on a production along with the location department.

In this conversation, Steve will give us idea of the work of the art director, and his own journey through filmmaking.

The conversation is hosted by Mick Hannigan of IndieCork Festival.