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Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

TC Productions / by Richard Alfieri
  • 16 April - 20 April 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Set in a high-rise Florida condo with a backdrop of amazing sunsets – a lifechanging friendship blossoms between two lonely souls: Lily (Tessa Coleman) an aging, self proclaimed ‘tight-assed, nosy old biddy’ and Michael (Lee White) an acerbic, ballroom dance instructor and a ‘passive aggressive queen with a bad attitude’. From a rocky start to a heart-warming finish, this fun and thought-provoking comedy is full of warmth and charm, and a smattering of music and movement, as Lily and Michael dance themselves into each other’s hearts…and yours!

Directed by Samantha Fitzpatrick

Choreographed by Rachel Anne Jones

By arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

(£15 students and seniors)