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Silencio – Voices of Lisbon

13th Parish Festival
  • 13 October 6pm
1 hr 30 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Portugal / Hungary 2021 | 90 mins | Cert: UR | Directors: Celine Coste Carlisle and Judit Kalmar

13th Parish Festival (Jersey International Film Festival)) is proud to present, with our partner Jersey Arts Centre, this acclaimed documentary set in Lisbon outlining the importance of Fedo music, but also the effects of a changing world on the city.

Picturesque alleyways, colourful facades, small bars and wistful songs. Lisbon’s charm is attracting an increasing number of tourists and property investors. Two Fado singers experience the revival of their city, with mixed feelings.

Set against the backdrop of a gentrified Lisbon, we follow in the footsteps of Celine who introduces us to to Ivone Dias and Marta Miranda, two female artists from different generations who fight for the survival of their art and their community. Their common language is Fado, a traditional style of music that talks about the daily struggle of living. With the lyrics of Fado songs taking us through the story, the film explores the relationship between Fado singers and the ever changing world around them. A story about community, singing, family and the places we love.


£6 (students and seniors)