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Martha MacDonald / A Jersey Arts Centre Residency
  • 11 June 8pm
1 Hr
Jersey Arts Centre

Comedy writer, poet and performer Martha MacDonald has a very noisy head… and an excruciatingly quiet tortoise. When she inherited this hibernating reptile from her grandparents, he came with a lot of baggage. For a creature that more greatly resembles an average sized boulder than a pet; a creature who is 40% dandelions and 60% the unresolved burdens of familial guilt and responsibility – he certainly lives rent-free in Martha’s head (and garden) 100% of the time.

Join Martha for a work-in-progress version of her debut one-woman-show SHELL – a whirligig of stand-up comedy, oversharing, poetry and heavily tortoise-themed therapy.

SHELL is Jersey Arts Centre’s 39th residency.

Before visiting Jersey Arts Centre, please read our COVID-19 guidelines here.

Photo: Max Burnett

(£8 students)
(£6.80 students)