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Philip Pullman’s Grimms’ Tales

Junior Drama
  • 7 July - 8 July 7pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Join us on a journey into a forest where magical events unfold, but beware of witches, giants, step mothers….and the big bad wolf!

Junior Drama is delighted to present Grimms’ Tales which have been adapted for the stage by the acclaimed, award-winning British author, Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials).

In each story our brave young heroes go on a journey, but evil lurks in the shadows. Wishes are granted, witches are encountered, evil step-mothers have to be foiled and can the woodland animals be trusted..?

Watch our young team performing in a selection of these wonderful, enduring fairy tales. Well known stories such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and lesser-known works; ‘Three Little Men’ and ‘The Donkey Cabbage’ are each brought to fantastical life on the Arts Centre stage.

Will it be happy ever after in Grimm’s enchanting but unpredictable fairy tale world?

£5 students/children)
£4.25 students/children