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Oddsocks: Roger Radio attempts Frankenstein

Oddsocks Productions
  • 15 January - 20 January 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Those cheeky chappies and lovely ladies of the “renowned ROGER Radio cast” are back and this time it’s DREADFUL! Prepare to delve into the grim laboratory of Dr Frankenstein from the comfort of your theatre seat. Experience the creation of a monster from several human corpses (EURGH!) and GASP as the creature comes to life. Play the part of a humble local to save the village from the creature’s revenge.

Will Dr Frankenstein face his destiny?

Will the monster eat your crisps?

Will there be a dry seat in the house?

Answers to all these questions and more when you join Oddsocks as ROGER RADIO attempts FRANKENSTEIN!

(£13 Students / Children)
(£11.05 Students / Children)