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Living With The Enemy

A Green Eye Production in association with the Marie-Anthoine Film Fund and Jersey Tourism Development Fund
  • 10 May 7pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Inspired by Islanders who experienced the events, Living With The Enemy tells the real story of the Nazi Occupation of Jersey from its beginning in 1940 to its end in 1945. Through first-hand personal interviews and rare film footage shot at the time, the documentary explores the wide-ranging effects that military occupation had upon the lives of those people forced to endure it. From both a social and historical perspective, Living With The Enemy is an important and informative addition to this unique chapter in the history of the Island and the Second World War in general.

Based on the book Living With The Enemy by Roy McLoughlin

All proceeds are going to Green Eye Productions Jersey, for the screenplay Living With The Enemy. To be shot in Jersey with all its culture, history, flora and fauna, and geological makeup of the Island.

DVDs are priced at £15 and will be available after the screening.