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Jesus, Jane, Mother and Me

In association with Lawrence Batley Theatre with KETCHUP Productions and Richard Jordan Productions
  • 17 April - 18 April 8pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Meet Daniel Valentine. He’s a strange boy. It’s Mother’s Day and he has returned to his family home to celebrate. He’s here to tell you his story. A story of a domineering mother, church trips, youth club discos and a transformative trip to the theatre to see a certain Yorkshire songstress that ultimately changes everything… But do all stories have a happy ending?

Jesus, Jane, Mother and Me is a twisted coming-of-age story blending pitch black humour and heartache by award-winning playwright Philip Stokes (Heroin(e) for Breakfast) that explores family dynamics, who our idols are and just how hard life can be when you’re a little bit different.

Suitable for 14 years +

KETCHUP Productions, whilst in Jersey, will also undertake a residency to develop a new piece of theatre with the working title ‘Joe and Jack’ about being a brother..

(£13 students)
(£11.05 students)