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International Shorts 3

13th Parish Festival
  • 21 May 2.15pm
83 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Our final trip through the art of the short film brings us stories of strength and insight, the search for identity, and the kindness of strangers.


The Bayview

Daniel Cook / UK / 2022 / 18 mins

In Northern Scotland, an extraordinary family have turned the previously derelict Bayview Hotel into a place of respite for international fishermen.


Bear Hug

Margrethe Danielsen / France / 2022 / 10 mins

An eager little bear is waiting for his birthday guests to arrive. Slowly he realises that he has been rejected. But his determination to celebrate his birthday is still strong.


Become She

Lidwine Herdhuin / France / 2022 / 12 mins

At 50 years old, Andrea decides to finally assume her true identity, to be a woman.



Tymofii Biniukov / Ukraine / 2022 / 15 mins

This film was shot in the last days before the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. Natalia has been living in peaceful Kharkiv for a long time. It is her home.


Do Not Feed The Pigeons

Niclass Antonin / UK / 2021 / 9 mins

Tired and lonely travellers are waiting for the last coach. The resident pigeons create a magical connection between them, for a beautiful instant.


Made of Flesh

Forence Rochat, Serena Robin / France / 2022 / 19 mins

With a touch of blush, and a few drops of lip gloss, Lucie, a lifelong car enthusiast, is getting ready to start her training day to become a hostess at a motor show.

£4 seniors and students