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International Shorts 2

13th Parish Festival of Independent Film and Music
  • 14 May 2.30pm
73 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

This selection of international shorts brings us on a journey from the glam and not so Glam Rock days of Northern Ireland to Swedish island life – suffused with intense relationships, longing for home and a questioning of place.


Matthew McGuigan / Ireland / 2021 / 13 mins

In 1970’s Northern Ireland, a young boy, bereft of his mother, defies his father to get the Glam Rock album he so desperately wants.

The Place That Is Ours

Dorothy Allen-Pickard / UK, Palestine / 2021 / 12 mins

A daughter returns to her father’s village in Palestine, which was destroyed in 1948. She journeys through unfamiliar landscapes and is confronted with the reality of her own exile.


Ewa Smyk / England / 2021 / 10 mins

Struggling to make it in the big city, a young artist finds herself retreating into the rose-tinted memories of the village she left behind.


Jean-Benoit Ugeux / Belgium / 2021 / 13 mins

A son writes a comic book about his childhood. He sent it to his father who lives in the South for years. But the father doesn’t really care about reading that story where he is mostly drawn naked.


Paul Muresan / Romania / 2020 / 4 mins

People tend to hurt each other, leaving long lasting wounds, and this is no different amongst families.

High Sky Low Lands

Maria Eriksson-Hecht / Sweden / 2021 / 20 mins

Under the summer sky, on the low land of a barren island, a young girl tries to force her father not to give up on what’s left of their family.

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£4 seniors and students