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Indigo Moon – Learning To Dance

Wayne Stewart / A Jersey Arts Centre Residency
  • 28 September - 29 September 8pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Spero is on a journey to the moon, a young person ruminates and Wayne learns to dance.

After the success of his debut solo show Chrome Yellow, Wayne returns with a new introspective play born out of his own aversion to dance.

For weeks Wayne worked with great intensity (bruises, sweat and tears) to learn how to dance in a last-ditch attempt to connect with the art form and uncover the root of his paralysing antipathy. This journey takes Wayne right back to childhood as he uses the voices of young people to help him reconnect with that inner child.

The journey becomes about so much more than dance: it is a touching meditation on the importance of storytelling, movement and what it means to be creative.

Wayne Stewart would like to thank Victoria Hermitage for her choreography and inspiration these past six months and during the development of the play.

(£9 students)
(£7.65 students)