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I Am The Tigress

13th Parish Festival
  • 21 May 4pm
80 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanović / Germany, Austria, USA / 2021 / 80 mins

A curtain, a shadow, one dancing hand, and then another: Tischa Thomas stages her performance.

She pushes herself into the frame bit by bit, with flowing movements, to the rhythm of the music. Right before our eyes, The Tigress emerges from the individual body parts. She’s a performer of the first order, full of ambition, who challenges herself every day, whose dream is to have a number one spot as a bodybuilder. In the course of her transformation to bodybuilder and goddess, the forty-seven-year-old American has toughened her body, and at the same time, her soul.

I Am The Tigress shows her switching from one stage to the next; whether as dominatrix, bodybuilder, grandmother, or girlfriend. The film fights for and with Tischa, for acceptance and freedom.

I Am The Tigress is a terrific documentary because the subject matter is so unexpected and the journey we’re taken on makes us question our own assumptions.” Liquid Marmalade

Please note that this trailer contains strong language

£4 seniors and students