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Hatched, Matched & Dispatched

  • 2 November - 5 November 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Written and produced by Jason Kenyon

ACT presents a trilogy of original one-act plays, each directed by a different member of ArtsCentreTheatre; linked but separate, each featuring members of the same family at three significant moments in their lives: a birth, a wedding (just the one) and a funeral.

As everyone knows, these three important occasions can sometimes be the only times that all, (or, at least most) of the members and generations of a family make the journey from the four corners of the circular globe to come together in one place for a shindig. As such, they are an emotional cauldron in which ancient grievances, imagined slights, generational differences and dissatisfaction with the catering bubble to the surface and erupt in the most spectacular fashion. So, strap yourselves in; it’s going to be three very bumpy rides.

Contains adult themes, strong language and is unsuitable for under 13’s.


(£9 students)
(£7.65 students)
Special Offer2 for 1 tickets on Opening Night!