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Nicole & Martin: Hansel & Gretel

Nicole & Martin / playdays Children's Festival
  • 19 July 6.30pm
70 mins
Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity

“We tell stories. And today we are going to tell you a tale from the forest. Open your eyes, prick up your ears, the story is starting…”

For 25 years, Nicole & Martin have been travelling the roads and seas of Europe, pitching their magical White Tent, and enchanting audiences with their unique travelling theatre. Award-winning masterpiece shows, based on traditional tales, combine narrative, music, song, dance, juggling, acrobatics, laughter, goosebumps and wild imagination for the whole family. You’ve never seen anything quite like it!

In Hansel & Gretel, we follow the adventures of a young boy and girl. The children have been abandoned in the dark forest by their selfish parents. Hungry and cold, the unfortunate brother and sister meet a very welcoming old woman, who turns out to be a wicked witch. Despite all the odds, together they find the strength to overcome the challenge that they face. They discover all kinds of treasures, fill their pockets and finally find their way back home. This beloved story is packed with delightful surprises and details.

Suitable for 6 years +

Performances subject to Bailiff’s permission