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DOMNIQ: Water Ripples

Amici Artium
  • 23 April 8pm
Jersey Arts Centre

Water Ripples by DOMNIQ is a voyage into the uncharted territory of sound and imagination. Through pioneering sound design that incorporates electronics, guitar effects pedals, synthesizers and amplified percussion, he unlocks a new way of listening while breathing life into the captivating mysteries of the underwater world. This odyssey commences the moment you step into the theatre, with applause reserved until the end. Water Ripples invites you to shed the hustle and bustle of modern life and be carried away by captivating soundscapes, live performances and real-time sound alchemy.

Dominique Vleeshouwers, known professionally as DOMNIQ, is a virtuoso Dutch percussionist who combines solo performances with innovative projects and collaborations with dancers, artists and writers, moving easily between classical, world and new music. Ceaselessly creative and curious, he has researched drumming traditions around the world and brought elements into his own performances and compositions.

Programme to be announced.


(£13 students)
(£11.05 students)