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Call Me Mule

13th Parish Festival
  • 25 May 4.15pm
77 mins
Jersey Arts Centre

Director: John McDonald / USA / 2023 / 77 mins / Edited by: Nina Schwanse

A feisty elderly man traveling with three mules struggles against the authorities to maintain his nomadic lifestyle in the American West. John Sears, who calls himself Mule, has been roaming the western United States with his three mules for over thirty years. The 65-year-old and his animals  sleep outside, claiming the right to move freely. Despite arrests and incarcerations, he keeps on fighting to maintain his nomadic lifestyle. Award-winning filmmaker John McDonald teams up with his daughter, Nina Schwanse, to make this compelling feature-length observational documentary of Mule’s never-ending journey.

13th Parish are delighted to welcome director John McDonald to introduce his film, followed by a Q and A.

perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from Mule is one of empathy, for without trying to understand those who choose to live differently, we cannot create a kinder, more compassionate world for everyone to share.” John McDonald

Human Rights Festival Vienna: Official Selection

Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival: Official Selection

Enlightenment Award DOCUTAH: Winner

2014 AmDocs Film Festival: Winner, Best Documentary

(£4 seniors and students)