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As You Like It

Samares Players
  • 8 July - 12 July 7.30pm
Samares Manor

The Samares Players are excited to present this year’s Shakespeare shenanigans, a hip and happenin’ hoot: As You Like It.

The transformative powers of nature bring out the passions and poetry of those who have left the confines of the stuffy court of Duke Frederick. Subverting the traditions of courtship, newly banished Rosalind disguises herself as Master Ganymede and proceeds to school ‘love-shaked’ Orlando in the art of wooing – under the pretence of ‘curing him’.

Don’t miss this delightful comedy – full of pitiful poetry, melancholy madness and flirty frolicking till the sun goes down!

Directed by Samantha Fitzpatrick

Music by Tash Stone & Samantha Fitzpatrick (lyrics by Shakespeare)

Set and technical by Mike Wynes

(£10 students)