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8 by 12

  • 9 November - 11 November 7.30pm
Jersey Arts Centre

ArtsCentreTheatre (ACT) presents an evening of original duologues, written, directed and performed by members of the group – set on one (or more) of three stages measuring eight feet by twelve feet. One stage has two chairs and a square table upon it, the second has a double bed and the third has no furniture at all.

These pieces are so new that, as we go to press, they are still in the process of being written, but it is already clear that there will be comedy, there will be tragedy and there will be everything in between.

Some of these pieces will also be performed later in the month in the Jersey Eisteddfod continuing ACT’s decade-long participation in Jersey’s annual festival of the arts.

This production will include adult subject matter and strong language.

Suitable for 16 years +

Please note: Jersey Arts Centre will update its website with specific trigger warnings for this production when the final selection of scripts has been made.


 The Squared Triangle by Jason Kenyon & directed by Stacey Hansford

Tom (Mike Monticelli) is stuck in Paris on a business trip while his wife Anthea (Sara Monticelli) languishes at home on their anniversary with only her friend Jean (Francesca Rebindaine) to relate her woes to. But is all as it appears… and what role does Brutus (Tuxedo Marchant) have to play?

The Sun Can %&$@ Right Off by Codie Lockyer & directed by Caitlin Thomas-Aubin

After a drunken call for help from an old friend (Matt Le Marquand) in the early hours of the morning, a young woman (Stacey Hansford) arrives to find him prostrate on his bedroom floor wrapped in his duvet and surrounded by the debris of his evenings excesses.

Whatever Happened to Chris Cringle? by Stefan Gough & directed by Nicole Duhamel

A Christmas tale of grumpy not-so-old men (Matt Le Marquand & Derek Peluso-Allen), one a Father Christmas at a Garden Centre and the other a Santa for a Bank Charity function, cataloguing their Christmas woes in the pub on their lunch break.

The Morning After by Stacey Hansford & diected by Matt Le Marquand

Two women (Nicole Duhamel & Anna Peluso-Allen) find themselves hung over and in bed after a particularly eventful Hen Night. But who did what to whom… and is there incriminating evidence on Facebook!

The End by Jason Kenyon & directed by Katie Hayes

Author Alethea (Francesca Rebindaine) is putting the final touches to her latest and final tale of her female superspy, Savannah Carlton. But Savannah (Fi Marchant) has more than a little to say about the excessively terminal manner in which her creator is concluding her adventures!

Sod Snowdon by Jason Kenyon & directed by Stefan Gough

June (Katie Hayes) has dragged her friend Sandy (Sara Monticelli) away from the joys of a W.I. trip to Blackpool and up Snowdon the hard way. But what transformed June into the Bear Grylls of Yardley Close, why did Sandy agree to join her in her adventure and more importantly… how do they get back down in one piece?

Save The Date by Matt Le Marquand & directed by Derek Peluso-Allen

Grace (Marietta Noonan) is awaiting the arrival of her date in a Sushi Restaurant with only her conscience (Codie Lockyer) for sarcastic company. Will her date be on time, will the Sushi be edible… and will her conscience ever shut up?

Roaches by Caitlin Thomas-Aubin & directed by Fi Marchant

The trials and tribulations of Gary (Rob Hill) and Gary (Roger Le Flem), a couple of everyday cockroaches are laid bare as they fight over party hats, parentage and pronunciation.

Clarence? by Jason Kenyon & directed by Derek Peluso-Allen

A Hiker (Michelle Hervieu) comes across Pat (Stefan Gough) perched on the edge of a cliff apparently considering taking the short way down and proceeds to try to talk him out of it… or at least get directions to the nearest pub.


(£11 students)
(£9.35 students)