Welcome to our Summer 2024 season!

Jersey Arts Centre opened its doors over 41 years ago now and we have been active across the Island for over 50 years because we started out as the Jersey Arts Council in 1970!

Our programme is designed to appeal to all tastes and so we hope that there will be many performances, exhibitions and courses throughout the summer that you will be inspired to attend. Oddsocks Productions and Music Managed return to Coronation Park this summer between 29 July and 7 August – see our event pages for the full detail of events. And Jersey Arts Centre’s youtheatre (The Wardrobe: 7-9 May), ACT ( Dracula: 25-29 May) and our Junior Drama Group (The Twits: 11+12 July) are all presenting great dramas this season, too…

In fact, Roald Dahl’s The Twits opens a completely new initiative: the Island’s first Children’s Festival. Jersey Arts Centre’s Children’s Festival is called playdays and we are presenting 40 events between 11-24 July, including Nicole et Martin in their famous White Tent at the Royal Jersey Showground. We hope to see you at many of the performances for play, adventure and discovery.

We would once again like to thank you all for your unparalleled support and encouragement throughout these past 40+ years – the challenges have sometimes been great – but your commitment to the work at Jersey Arts Centre has been even greater!

We look forward to seeing you here at Phillips Street and out-and-about during the summer. Take good care, stay safe and enjoy the experiences ahead!

Daniel Austin | Director

[Image: Summer 2024 Brochure cover / Nicole & Martin / 19 – 23 July]


DID YOU KNOW? that in 2023 Jersey Arts Centre delivered the following events, activities and experiences:

  • 239 ticketed performances with 27,720 attendances
  • 13 exhibitions in the Berni Gallery
  • 12 exhibitions in the Bar Gallery
  • 21 public courses and workshops (119 sessions) with 192 participants
  • 9 workshops in 8 schools for Holocaust Memorial Day with 231 participants
  • 9 workshops in 8 schools for World Book Day with 230 participants
  • 18 workshops at Mont a L’Abbe School with 30 participants weekly
  • 3 workshops in 2 schools on Dance + Philosophy with 73 participants
  • 2 youtheatre productions: Frankenstein + Chaos
  • 2 ACT projects: 1984 + 8 by 12 by ACT
  • 1 Junior Drama project: Bright. Young. Things.
  • Festival 40 Weekend to celebrate JAC’s 40th Anniversary with 12 events and 1,200+ attendances
  • The planting of 400+ whips for our 40th anniversary celebrations
  • 3 Commissions: One of Those Streets by Mezzanine Productions + Bunburying by Dr Adam Perchard + The Other Side of Performance by Juliette Hart
  • 4 Residencies: Sometime, Somewhere by Simon MacDonald + Joe & Jack by Philip Stokes + All the Ways Without You + Indigo Moon: Learning to Dance by Wayne Stewart
  • Our 21st consecutive year of assisting with the Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony
  • youtheatre readings at the Former Internees 78th Liberation Day Anniversary at the War Tunnels
  • 16 events at Coronation Park in August
  • The animation of C.I. Pride at People’s Park with 13 acts incorporating 37 artists
  • The 10th Polish Film Festival
  • The 19th Human Rights Festival
  • The hosting of 8 Project Trident students
  • The sponsoring of the JAC Award for Excellence in Performing Arts at Highlands College
  • 4 of JAC’s community theatre companies ran throughout the year
  • 102 Arts in Health Care Trust concerts over 6 tours across 27 Island care settings
  • JAC Advent Calendar online in December
  • Our 8th Community Christmas Production: Rodgers and Hammerstein II’s The Sound of Music with 3,575 attendances over 16 ticketed performances with a BSL Interpreted Performance by Andrew Higgins
  • 13 workshops in 10 schools with 350 participants exploring The Sound of Music story


Online Participants:

  • Website Visits: 195,008
  • Page Views: 397,472
  • Unique Users: 52,282


Our thanks extend to everyone for their support, enthusiasm and social and cultural engagement…