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Keep Drawing: Still Life

Venue: Jersey Arts Centre / Tutor: Lisa MacDonald / Suitable for: 18 years +
  • 2 July 10am - 4pm (includes a break!)
Jersey Arts Centre

…but not as you know it. The installation will offer you a myriad of possibilities and will allow you to take the whole idea of still life to a different level. Tableaus will be set up for you to experiment with and enjoy. Expect to be challenged creatively and encouraged to look at things in a whole new light! It’s going to be Cornelia Parker meets the Cubists with a little Morandi for stillness. Everyone needs a little stillness. Materials will be provided but any additional items welcome!

Keep Drawing is a series of art school style workshops with local artist Lisa MacDonald to get those juices flowing, that art muscle flexing and that creativity humming. Join in for a single session or sign up for both!

Participants will explore inventive and imaginative drawing projects in an art studio setting for exploration and serious study. An amazing and unexpected still life or installation will be set up for each workshop as a starting point for creativity. It’s going to push you and it might get messy, but rest assured you will absolutely love it!


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