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From Score to Stanza

Tutor: Carolyn O'Boyle / Suitable for: 18 years +
  • 4 June - 25 June 10am - 12noon
2 Hrs per session
Jersey Arts Centre

4 sessions

Writing sonnets inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons

Join local children’s author and teacher Carolyn O’Boyle to embark on a poetic journey through Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with this series of creative writing workshops. Each session, dedicated to one of Vivaldi’s masterpieces – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – will inspire you to compose your own sonnet, capturing the essence of each season.

You will explore the vivid imagery and emotions evoked by these timeless pieces, learning the art of sonnet writing in the process. From the fresh bloom of spring to the serene silence of winter, these workshops offer a perfect blend of classical inspiration and poetic creation.