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Artists: Aaron McMullen, Will Bertram, Danielle Mullins, Chris Corfield
  • 7 November - 3 December
Jersey Arts Centre's Berni Gallery

In exploring our Island’s creative talent, RampArts brings people together. Together we create strong ties that bind us to our crafts and hone our approaches. Presented here are four very different local artists, each specialising in their own corner of creativity.

Will Bertram’s practice is based around drawing in different forms. His work features illustrative pieces which take inspiration from real landscapes and wanderlust.

Jersey born artist Danielle Mullins uses layers of resin, pigments and real crystals to create a fluid array of colours, textures and depth onto wooden panels and finds inspiration from nature.

Chris Corfield unlocked the secrets of block printing during his travels in Oaxaca, Mexico. His work embeds earthy ink tones and botanical lines.

Throwing together simple shapes in an interesting way, Aaron McMullen’s designs are hand drawn and digitally coloured. Specialising in large scale geometric inspired works, Aaron’s pieces are an impact of colour and design.