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‘Jill’ – a retrospective exhibition

Gillian Kathleen Crowcroft
  • 18 July - 13 August
Jersey Arts Centre's Berni Gallery

Jill took her first degree at Oxford University and went on to take a D.Phil. in Zoology. Her chosen field was the Field Vole, though she also worked on the Common Shrew which was the subject of her book, ‘The Life of the Shrew’. She continued to produce scientific papers including ‘The activity patterns of the Lesser White-toothed Shrew’, a native of Jersey which she studied in a hut at Jersey Zoo, but with her second marriage to Arthur Rogers she allowed her artistic side to flourish, attending art classes as well as learning how to dye, spin and weave wool into a series of largely abstract tapestries.

Jill Crowcroft explored many genres and techniques over the years, her subjects reflecting the extensive travels she took with Arthur to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India. An interest in print making followed, attending the classes run by Charles Shearer and adding etching, collography, relief and monoprints to the range of media.

Although not a natural draughtsman she often took unusual viewpoints in her work which communicate her vision of the world and a delighted and energetic engagement with her surroundings. She was a member of the Jersey Society of Artists for 30 years and took part in the 50th anniversary exhibition. She enjoyed the company of artists and took part in several painting holidays, as well as taking her turn to host spinning parties. Most of her firm friends were made as a result of her artistic pursuits.

Proceeds of the sale of her work in the exhibition will go to Dementia Jersey.

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