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Heath Robinson Watercolours

A Heath Robinson Museum Touring Exhibition
  • 12 June - 15 July
Jersey Arts Centre's Berni Gallery

Heath Robinson trained as an artist at the Royal Academy Schools and always saw himself as an artist. He earned his living as an illustrator and cartoonist, but he would spend much of the limited spare time he had either drawing or painting in watercolours. He might indulge his love of landscape or seascape painting, or pursue his experiments into light, colour, movement and abstraction. His children remembered him on holiday at the seaside, dressed in suit, collar and tie, setting up his easel on the beach or in a country lane to paint the scene before him. When painting for pleasure he was able to adopt a much freer style, executing sensitive impressionistic watercolour sketches. The combination of facility with the medium and his distinctive vision means that although these pictures are mostly different from his commercial work, they are immediately recognisable as his. These paintings were not exhibited during the artist’s lifetime.