When being second comes first…

In the overwhelming, desolate landscape of the Faroe Islands, a young person is found. Washed ashore. A young person tries to find his place in the world. A person who has no desire to be number one in a world that seems obsessed with the idea. A person who holds a deep fascination for Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, a man who – from the wings – made sure that the moon mission went swimmingly. The invisible, yet essential link in the whole, that’s what he wants to be: a cog in the huge machinery of things. Far away from the spotlights. Given the choice, he also wishes he could disappear. Or does he?

‘Buzz’ is an adaptation of Norwegian author Johan Harstad’s acclaimed first novel ‘Buzz Aldrin, What Happened To You In All The Confusion’.

Text: Johan Harstad

Text Editing, Play, Vocals: Charlotte Vandermeersch

Music: Antoon Offeciers and Karen Wilems

Film: Ann-Julie Vervaeke

Scenography: Stef Stessel

Lighting: Stef Stessel and Jeroen Doise

Sound: Korneel Moreaux

Costume: Annelies Rasker