by C.S Lewis / Dramatised by Adrian Mitchell / Music by Shaun Davey

Directed by Daniel Austin / Musical Direction by Bertrand Larmet / Vocal Coach: Veronique Martinez

This Christmas, travel to the magical land of Narnia with Jersey Arts Centre for an extraordinary musical adventure!

When the Pevensie children are evacuated from the dangers of war-time London, little do they know that meeting kind Professor Kirk and hiding in the wardrobe that sits in his spare room will open the door to a world unlike any other. Trapped in a permanently freezing winter by the White Witch’s spell, the land of Narnia, and the woodland creatures that inhabit it, have been waiting for a prophecy to come true. A prophecy telling of two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve that could ultimately save them all…

With the heroic Aslan, the loveable fawn Mr Tumnus and the power-hungry White Witch all brought to life in this family-friendly children’s classic, make sure not to miss this theatrical Christmas treat from the company that brought you ‘Arabian Nights’!

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd