Former youtheatre member Jonny Liron returns to Jersey Arts Centre with UK theatre company wolf kid theatre whose first show sets out to explore difference, commonality, magic and revolution. A diverse group of artists from different backgrounds explore how we are both divided and brought together by race, gender, class, ability, age and sexuality amongst other things that may not define us. Part-rehearsed and part-improvised, the company will have spent the week leading up to this performance working in and responding to the Benjamin Meaker theatre and to Jersey itself. Things that might happen include: dancing, telling stories, falling, invoking, laughing, fooling, playing, listening, making blessings and speaking curses.

What does it mean to be different from one another?

What do we have in common?

What sort of magic might we each be capable of?

A work-in-progress sharing of an anarchic, visual and sensitive show that will try to do something genuinely exciting, beautiful and political.

Suitable for 12 years +