In association with Jersey Jewels Arabic Dance Club

Just prior to the 2011 revolution in Egypt, a chance opportunity led researcher and musician EmmaLucy Cole to a small village in South Sinai where five days of cultural immersion turned into two years spent living with a Bedouin tribe. Often torn between the worlds of men and women – and in a privileged position to observe and relate to both – she witnessed many facets of daily life that had been previously unseen by visitors to the region: births on blankets in wooden shacks; devastating fatal accidents; the practicalities of nutrition and medical care; camel races; weddings; and political instability, all situated in some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape imaginable.

EmmaLucy is now undertaking a PhD at the University of Exeter, based on her research in Tarrabin and during this talk she will share some of the most intimate realities of living in Sinai as a European woman. The talk is an interactive opportunity for people from all backgrounds to engage with an important conversation about cultural appropriation and learn more about a marginalised group of people, whom EmmaLucy is proud to call her friends.

Questions are highly encouraged and for those interested in finding out more a list of further resources will be provided.