Miranda Doyle’s ‘A Book of Untruths’ is a family story told through a series of lies. Each short chapter features one of these lies and each lie builds to form a picture of a life— Miranda Doyle’s life as she struggles to understand her complicated family and her own place within it.

Felicia Yap’s novel ‘Yesterday’ is set to be the most talked-about thriller of 2017. A beautifully written psychological drama which taps into our innermost fears concerning identity, memory and love. Just how do you solve a murder when you can only remember yesterday?

Joining Miranda Doyle and Felica Yapp will be veteran local photographer Peter Mourant, who has just celebrated 40 years as photographer for the Jersey Evening Post. Together they will be discussing the nature of truth in all its forms, including the art of self curation, the stories pictures tell, the role of echo chambers in modern discourse and the impact of fake news.

The discussion will be chaired by renowned literary blogger and returning festival chair Naomi Frisby.