Yinka Kuitenbrouwer, DRIFT, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions + Theatre Royal Plymouth

Yinka Kuitenbrouwer visited more than a hundred people. She talked with them about the idea of home. With the help of snapshots, quotes and biscuits, Yinka created a new story. One Hundred Homes is an ongoing performance; each time that Yinka performs the play, she also visits people from the area, adding their stories to her archives: Middle-aged Flemish farmers in West Flanders; French squatters in Ghent; English residents in care homes; migrants from Iraq – it’s an unexpected take on the idea of a rainbow nation. During her stay in Jersey, Yinka will continue to develop the piece.

“…and while there’s the showmanship of the collector producing prized specimins from her field trips, there’s also a dignified intimacy as strangers share their lives with us through the medium of Kuitenbrouwer’s understated performance.” – The Stage