On our website and via social media, between Monday and Friday, for the next 6 (possibly 12) weeks we will inspire you with a:

  • Story for Today – literature, plays, poems, legends and myths et al
  • Song for Today – pop, folk, jazz’n’blues, spoken word and musical theatre
  • Art for Today – architecture, ceramics, drawings, photography and paintings et al
  • Film for Today – noir, drama, comedy, thriller and children’s
  • Take Care for Today – tips, tricks and helpful hints to keep you well


We will also keep you up to speed, on a weekly basis through our website and social media, with the future (and past) work of 5 of our theatre companies:

  • ArtsCentreTheatre (ACT)
  • Community Christmas Company
  • Junior Drama (8-13 years)
  • Theatre-in-Education (TiE) Company
  • youtheatre (14-19 years)


And there are now 4, brand new projects planned for this week:

  • JAC-anory – from Friday 27 March Jersey Arts Centre will present a daily series of audio content in the evenings, from Monday through Friday, to bring stories to your homes. From short stories to novellas, and from plays to poems, tune in and enjoy! Check out the JAC-anory event on our website.
  • OFF THE WALL – a photographic archive of your images from this time. Full details were announced on Friday 27 March so check out our ‘Off the Wall’ event on our website!

As an overture to these initiatives: Bertrand and Veronique, of Art’Comedia, our long-term collaborators since 2013 from L’Hermitage in Brittany, have agreed to share a musical number of their choice to brighten our week and keep us all singing. Please join us for:

  • Chantez avec Bertrand et Veroniqu


ANNOUNCEMENT – Friday 27 March:

  • GOING UNDERGROUND – Simon MacDonald’s recent new work, which performed at JAC on 11+12 March, with its noisy and menacing reminiscences of 80s London and travel on the Tube, and inspired by the photographs of Bob Mazzer, will be released here in six weekly installments beginning Friday 3 April.


See you all soon! Enjoy the above and take care.


Director – Jersey Arts Centre