‘Exploring Beckett’ offers the opportunity to see five of Samuel Beckett’s most influential short plays. In 1969 Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and he is today regarded as a towering figure in 20th century writing.

‘Act Without Words II’: Two protagonists separately expose the absurdity of the routines of life.

‘Not I’: A woman who has been virtually mute since childhood suddenly begins to tell her story of abandonment and of a life lived in loveless, mechanical isolation.

‘Rockaby’: A woman sits in a rocking chair listening to memories and details of her own life.

‘Footfalls’: A woman paces obsessively back and forth while she speaks with her dying mother.

‘Catastrophe’: A theatre director and his assistant put the finishing touches to his magnum opus.

The Story in Motion Project is an international performance arts company based in Luxembourg that focuses on exploring various aspects of theatrical expression through improvisation.

In association with the Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg