With the temporary suspension of rehearsals, ACT’s 30th production, a new version of the ancient Greek comedy ‘Lysistrata’ entitled ‘Lust Actually’, might be considered to be in jeopardy but, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

A considerable amount of preparation and rehearsal has already been done and the scheduled performance dates of 1-4 July currently remain in place. The cast have instructions to be word perfect when rehearsals resume and some are already looking at the possibility of rehearsing their lines by conference call. Others are recruiting family members to assist by reading in other character’s lines. I, for my part, will be available to dispense advice and direction over the phone or by email.

I will also be working on the technical aspects of the project: designing the lighting and sound; preparing the set; sourcing costume and props, so that, as far as is practicable, everything is in readiness when the cast return to Jersey Arts Centre.

In addition, work can continue on another aspect of the current project: that of developing scripts for the next production, due to be performed in November.

A few years ago ACT staged a production entitled ‘8 by 8 by ACT’: an evening of original monologues written, directed and performed by members of the group. The monologues were each performed on one of three platforms, each measuring eight foot by eight foot (hence the title). I felt that it was time for a sequel but didn’t want it to be a carbon copy of its predecessor. So, on this occasion, the platforms will measure eight foot by twelve foot and the scripts will be original duologues, not monologues. I have no doubt you can deduce what the project will be called.

Whilst the start date for the project is the week after the performances of ‘Lust Actually’, work on the scripts has already started as we need as many scripts as possible ready to go by the beginning of July.

With that in mind, I would like to invite former and potential future members of ACT to join with the current roster in putting pen to paper, or indeed finger to keyboard, and producing scripts for consideration. I will be creating an information sheet explaining the various parameters that authors will need to take into account when writing their duologues. Anyone wishing to stretch their creative writing muscles in this endeavour can email me at: jason@artscentre.je

The most important thing to note is that, despite the challenges we currently face, ACT will continue in its mission to develop the theatrical skills of its members and to produce quality theatre for the enjoyment of the people of Jersey: one way or another.

Jason Kenyon

Deputy Stage Manager

ArtsCentreTheatre (ACT) Director