Mike Waddington: Architect

Tony Reason: Artist

Mike Waddington first met Tony Reason in 1988 when they were both working in the same Architects office in Central London. Mike had just completed his architectural studies and Tony was working as the in-house model maker. He had a background in Fine Arts Sculpture and bronze casting and often used unorthodox materials and surfaces on the models he produced for the office.

In 1989 Mike and Tony joined an experimental architectural group known as World House Domination (WHD). This small collective of Artists and Architects would create guerrilla architectural events and performances, building temporary structures throughout the Capital to provoke a response from public and press alike. The group was active until about 1991 when its members started to leave for other projects.

Mike moved on to Jersey where he set up his own successful Architectural Practice (www.waddington.je), and Tony now lives and works in Germany as an artist, producing work with an emphasis on surface and material quality (www.tonyreason.com).

In September 2018 Mike contacted Tony with regard to collaborating on a RIBA Footbridge Competition. They enjoyed working together again after the long break so much that they decided to create an exhibition that shows how art and architecture can overlap and enhance each others’ disciplines.